Bank Holiday Sunday
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Bank Holiday Sunday

Sunday 26th May
23:00 - 04:00


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Event Details

Play is known for hosting the biggest and best Bank Holiday Sunday event in the whole of Herefordshire and this year they are even bigger! 3 rooms, 3 separate events under one roof!

Main Room: Love big euphoric hands in the air moments? Love listening to only the best music around? Then the main room is for you. Unrivaled sound & lights, CO2, Confetti and Dancers, get lost in the moment.

54: Join DJ Jukesc in everyone's favorite sing-a-long room! But here's the kicker, we are making it even bigger by making it a Night Fever Night! All the dress up, wigs and inflatables your need to get your party on!

Sleek: Lets be honest, sleek is the coolest room in Hereford right? Only the best in R&b and Hip-Hop all night long. Except on this night we are honoring of the best, Drake!

Admission Information:
£6.00 standard entry